Who Am I? Big Questions. Short Answers.


I am a . . .

child of God. follower of Jesus. overcomer. daughter. sister. aunt. friend. roommate. coworker. volunteer. writer. reader.

I love . . .

God. books. really good pens. sunshine. blankets. tea. antique decorations. memories. England. clean sheets. candles. chocolate chip cookies. coloring.

I struggle with . . .

insecurity. fear. shame. “should-haves.” chronic pain.

I dream of . . .

traveling. being a mother. serving Jesus. loving well. partnering with a ministry for kids/teens living with chronic illness. writing a book.

Any questions, comment below!





  1. doubletakeglow | 1st May 17

    Love it! And love who you are!

  2. Joyce Pflaumer | 1st May 17

    You are…beautiful, compassionate, a sweet friend, intelligent, funny and very loved 🙂 amongst many others!

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