The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend: A Booklover’s Delight!

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The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Bivald

Read by Fiona Hardingham and Lorelei King

This book about books is well-written, sweet, and tons of fun. When Swedish visitor Sara arrives in Broken Wheel, Iowa, she finds her pen pal and fellow booklover, Amy, has died. However, the town is bound and determined that she stay and enjoy the two months she had planned to spend anyway. She decides to open up a small bookshop in the town square and the project enlivens the inhabitants – and the town itself – in wonderful ways. With plenty of quirky characters, humor, small-town antics, and romance, The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend is perfect for those looking for a cozy, comforting book about books.

Audio Review:
This book is read very well, and I really enjoyed the overall experience. There were a few times when the narrator’s Southern accent wavered, but not often enough that it really took away from the story. I liked that Amy’s letters are read by a different voice actor, which adds variation and a refreshing break from the narrative.

In short, I recommend it!

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Read the summary on Goodreads!


  1. AmandaKay | 3rd Dec 16

    I loved this one, too! It was such a nice book-centered love story.

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