The Borrower: of books (and children)

9902278The Borrower by Rebecca Makkai is a great tale for book lovers, especially library lovers, everywhere. I was thoroughly engaged and amused by the cleverness of the narrator. Lucy, a 26 year old children’s librarian is sarcastic, witty, and occasionally breaks up the narrative with inventive and highly amusing lists, rhymes, songs, etc. Ten year old Ian, the other main character, is her most dogged patron. He spends all the time he can reading, and quickly befriends Lucy–his partner in crime. His parents are highly traditional Protestants and are sending him to a very sketchy-sounding religious class in order to “straighten” his developing sexuality; aka they are afraid he’s  gay. Lucy sneaks books not allowed by his conservative mother, such as The Hobbit (due to, in her view: magical, satanist content), A Wrinkle in Time (same), and anything with a girl protagonist, into Ian’s backpack without checking them out and leaving incriminating electronic evidence. The two sort of kidnap each other for a short period, which sounds awful and is if you stop to think about it. You won’t though, because you’ll be too caught up in the story. It’s funny, a little heartbreaking, makes you smile, and is slightly horrifying (if you ever do stop to contemplate that a librarian has indeed driven across state lines with her 10 year old friend) yet I felt strangely on their side the whole time. It’s a wonderful book. Politically, it was bit extreme into the liberal view point for me, but I still really enjoyed it!


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      Hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think!

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