The Beauty and Romance of Belmont Mansion

I loved A Lasting Impression by Tamera Alexander!

Claire Laurent dreams of painting something special that will make a lasting impression on the art world—an original work on which she can proudly sign her own name. But her father insists on her painting copies. Forgeries. In the face of her conscience, grief, and her father’s betrayal, Claire is determined to break free and become an artist in her own right.

When tragedy strikes, Claire begins to believe that her mother was right; God does have a purpose for everything when He guides her to a chance at a better life. His path leads her to the opulent Belmont Mansion for a chance to become the personal liaison of the influential Mrs. Adelicia Acklen. As the leading voice of Nashville art and society, Mrs. Acklen may have the power to make Claire a success, but she also has the power destroy her—should the truth about Claire’s past ever surface.

Sutton Monroe, Mrs. Acklen’s handsome attorney, is unconvinced in the wisdom of Miss Laurent’s appointment, especially considering the circumstances of their first meeting and her all too coincidental artistic talent. It is his responsibility to protect his employer and her financial interests, no matter how attractive and charming he may find Mrs. Acklen’s new liaison. As Claire gains Mrs. Acklen’s trust and the bond between her and Sutton deepens, the cost of the truth grows higher every day.

Meanwhile, Monroe’s investigation into an extensive art fraud operation could grant him the opportunity to fulfill his own dreams for the future. With his home burned to the ground and the family honor in question, this high stakes case is his chance to make his own way. But what will happen when Sutton’s investigation leads too close to home—and his heart?

Bestselling novelist Tamera Alexander brings post-Civil War Tennessee to life in A Lasting Impression, the first of three Belmont Mansion novels. The Christy Award winner’s most recent historical romance is a moving story of loss, love, and redemption told against the stunning backdrop of Belmont Mansion—“an American Versailles.” Claire’s touching story speaks straight to the heart as she discovers that true treasure lies in the blessing of God’s gentle voice and His plan for our lives. Fall in love with Sutton and Claire as they experience sorrow, joy, and the lasting peace of knowing that our lives are all a part of God’s masterpiece.