Bullet Journaling: What It Is and Why I’m Trying It

 What is it?

A bullet journal is basically a calendar/planner/to-do list/shopping list/personal journal/trapper keeper in one notebook that incorporates artistry and organization in equal parts. It includes things like yearly book lists, monthly spreads (monthlies), weekly spreads (weeklies), and even dailies (if you’re that ambitious, which I’m not). It uses a system or key that can be catered to your specific needs, but essentially has one symbol for a to-do list item, one for events, one for appointments, etc. I also color code my journal.

Why do it?

For me, it’s because I can never find a planner that fits all my needs. With a bullet journal, you design the pages yourself. You can also switch up the layout at any time.

Isn’t it just a lot of work?

Yes, it’s work, but it’s also an art form. (Well, mine isn’t quite there yet.) It’s fun to see how ornate some people get with their illustrations (check out #bujo or #bulletjournaling on Instagram). I hope to get to a point where my journal incorporates more art someday, but for now I’m focusing on my hand lettering. I’m learning to letter with brush pens, and it’s a challenge but very rewarding! I’ve never been happy with my handwriting, and this is broadening my skills.

Bullet Journal

To see my personal efforts with bullet journaling, follow me on Instagram @annachenke.

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If you want a great introductory book on this hobby, I recommend Dot Journaling: A Practical Guide by Rachel Wilkerson Miller.



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    I love my bullet journal! I can’t wait to start writing about mine too 💕

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