5 Characteristics of a Close-Knit Prayer Group

I recently had an amazing experience with a small prayer group. It was just comprised of myself and two other girls, but it was the most uplifting, deep, and powerful group prayer experience I’ve had in some time! Between life updates and prayers, we ended up being together for about four hours. CRAZY! Your prayer group doesn’t have to be four hours, but this experience inspired me to write down some features of a successful group that can really make a difference in your personal and spiritual life. Here they are!

  1. The group is made up of five people or less—any bigger than that and you won’t have time to delve deep into each other’s lives.
  2. The members are all the same gender. I enjoy mixed prayer groups. But for a core, close-knit prayer group that you are going to share your struggles, cares, joys, and hopes with, you are going to want to feel comfortable discussing all aspects of your life. This includes relationships with the opposite sex, and mixed groups make this complicated.
  3. The group includes some people you haven’t known forever and don’t know all your business. This is key because these individuals will have fresh perspective on your life and, perhaps, new insight into what you’re going through. A prayer group is about supporting each other as well as bringing our thanks and our worries to God. We need wise women—preferably women in tune with the Holy Spirit—to speak biblical truth and advice in the moment and stand with us as we come before the Lord in prayer.
  4. The group meeting lasts long enough to cover all your bases without rushing through everything. This includes thanking God for what He has done for you and for specific blessings, updates from each group member, and prayer requests.
  5. You do more than pray together. You do life together. This is what builds relationships. This is what bonds you. Experiencing life, attending church, studying the Bible, spending time together in general—whatever you choose to do together builds trust between members and brings you closer as a group.